Jesse Martinez

Athro Glasswalker Ragabash


NWoD Type: Iron Masters Irraka of the Lodge of Silence

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed

Int 2, Wits 4, Res 2
Str 4, Dex 3, Sta 2
Pre 3, Man 3, Com 2

Mental – Crafts 2 (Iron Treachery), Medicine 2, Politics 1
Physical – Athletics (bicycling) 1, Brawl 3(grapple +1 grapple for lodge, boxing), Drive 1, Larceny (hotwiring, Nightfall) 1, Stealth 4 (Soundless Strike), Weaponry 4 (Sword)
Social – Empathy 1, Intimidation 3, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1

Language: Spanish, Barfly, Fighting Style: Boxing 2, Resources 2, Rites 1, Direction Sense
Allies (Couriers)
Contacts (Criminals)

Primal Urge 5
Harmony 5
Will 5
Purity 5, Glory 5, Honor 4, Wisdom 2, Cunning 5

Rites: Dedication
New Moon 1 Sense Weakness
Stalkers Moon 1, 2, 5 Soundless Strike (Lore of the Forsaken), See Heat, Strike Blind
Tech 1, 2, 3 Left Handed Spanner, Nightfall, Iron Treachery
City 1 City Eyes
Blood 2 Shark Scent

+35 xp – creation gift
+10 xp – loss of 2 harmony
+6 xp – First game
+6 xp – Second game (The Death of Serena Herrera y Vila‘s family)
+6 xp – third game (absent, put up logs, etc, instead)
+6 xp – fourth game (india)
+8 xp – fifth game (Nimbisia)
+8 xp – sixth game (Intro to New York)
+10 xp – seventh game (home from NY, Start of the Moot)
+8 xp – eighth game (End of the Moot, Find the Bane Machine)
+8 xp – ninth game (despair and woe)
+8 xp – tenth game (Visit the Mages Sanctum and find them all dead. Lydia Leaves)
+8 xp – eleventh game (Talk to the vampires about the death of the mages. Fight the cabal of Nightshade’s Breath. Still no Lydia)
+8 xp – the beginning of the Silver Fang Moot
+8 xp – End of Silver Fang Moot / Death of Crazy Irish Dude
+8 xp – Back to the Atl Caern, and a jaunt into the Nephandi’s Lair
+16 xp – Fight the Nephandi! The Glasswalkers have Fallen!
159 total

10 Resolve 2
10 Int 2
10 Sta 2
10 Composure 2
2 Allies 1
2 Direction Sense
7 xp City Eyes – City
2 xp Stealth Spec – Soundless Strike
18 xp Weaponry (1-3 levels, moved Brawl 4 to Weaponry 4)
2 xp Weaponry Spec – Sword
6 xp Totem 1 and 2
10 xp Nightfall
17 xp Shark’s Scent
15 xp Iron Treachery
2 xp Crafts Spec Iron Treachery
2 xp Larceny Spec Nightfall
10 xp See Heat
Strike Blind
Medicine 2
135 Total

24 to spend


Jesse was born in Savannah, GA, in 1983 to Ruth Ansel and Pedro Martinez. Jesse’s father was a Marielito, having escaped Cuba during the Mariel Boatlifts of the 70’s. His mother is a Caucasian American, a southerner thru and thru. Raised with a foot in each world, he adopted some of the traits of both. At about the age of 8, Pedro Martinez hit a truly bad string of luck and at the end of it, took his own life, leaving Jesse and Ruth to fend for themselves. Crushing poverty became the defining background noise of Jesse’s life.

Despite the hardships, he was raised to expect family to be around, to trust in the bonds of family above all others. An only child, he grew up surrounded by cousins and other distant relatives – none of whom had anything in the way economic advantage. He flirted with all the usual traps of life in the projects. He wasn’t in a gang, but only because the crew he ran around with were not that organized. He didn’t sell drugs, but really only because on the few times he tried to – he wasn’t very good at it. He tried drugs every now and then, but they seemed to not do much for him, and the experience always left him cold.

Jesse’s problems of choice were usually fighting and trespassing or theft. He was just a little rougher than just about every kid on the block, but he was smart too. He got bored easily and would get into trouble as a way to simply pass the time. It landed him in more than one police car as a youth.

Life might have progressed in much this same manner except that around the summer of his 18th year, Jesse had an incident that he could not walk away from. It started as calmly as any other day, but quickly escalated into a typical brawl. Jesse was winning in a beat down of a rival crew who had been tormenting one of Jesse’s cousins. They didn’t usually take Jesse seriously at first. He looked like a white kid, and thus, most didn’t realize he was thick with the rest of his crew. But as he would come out swinging, things usually took a quick turn.

This time, someone from the rival crew said just the wrong thing at just the wrong time, and as Jesse took a hit to the jaw, some combination of anger, pain, and frustration sent him over an edge. His lawyer would argue mitigating circumstances, speaking to the overwhelming despair of the streets, and of the alienation of being an outsider amongst his own people. The jury even listened to some of it. But the end result was that Jesse’s first change landed him in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville for almost 8 years.

As things turn out, that might not have been the worst thing to happen to Jesse. In the wake of the killing, Jesse was totally despondent. He had no idea what had happened, couldn’t understand what had taken control of him. He honestly believed he was possessed for a while. No local Were had ever spotted him, and he arrived at GSP still without really understanding. Opportunity arrived quickly, as he was marked almost immediately in Prison by the Lodge of Silence.

Jesse was approached by an older inmate named “Chemo”. Chemo had gone thru cancer treatments, yes, but mostly he was a walking chemical dispensary and could get most of the best drugs available in the block. Chemo took Jesse aside and explained what he was, what it all meant. He mentored Jesse thru some of the worst times of Jesse’s life and even offered him a place. As the time went on, Jesse became a trusted low level enforcer and spy within the Prison’s Lodge. He was a quick study, and he learned everything he could.

On his release, Chemo had suggested that Jesse get away from Savannah and try to find new ground. He warned that it would be hard, but without the challenge, Jesse would likely just slide into old problems and end up back inside. He had a contact in Atlanta for jesse to talk to, and so in 2009 Jesse found himself in Atlanta, struggling to make ends meet.

Eventually, he took a job as a bicycle messenger. It was one of the few he could get, and he didn’t mind the hard work outside, as it allowed him all the things prison had denied him. He could come and go as he pleased – was in fact paid to do so. He could observe humanity while remaining largely unconnected to it. It was constant movement and interaction on his own terms. The first winter was hard, but after that it went pretty easy.

Jesse had contacted the local garou just like Chemo taught him. He offered up what services he could. Unfortunately, at this stage of his life, the only thing prison had taught him was how to be a criminal. Thus he frequently found himself tapped for questionable jobs that others were too sane or safe to take. He didn’t mind so much, as in some ways, he felt like this was just the way it was, but every now and then he still hopes for the big break that will get him off the bottom rungs of life.

Jesse Martinez

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