Trail of the Ancient Marks

Start of the Finish

Campaign Start – December 22, 2011

The last five years have marked the most troublesome times in decades across the globe. Between natural disasters, disease, food shortages, war and sharp rise in crime, it is said to be the worst five years globally since World War II…

Atlanta. Time has not been kind to the “jewel of the south”. In fact, it could be said that it got hit as hard as any city with events that have occurred in the last five years. Domestically, outbreaks of Ecoli and Mad Cow Disease have ravaged food supplies to dangerously low levels for the past four years. This was coupled with thousands of deaths that came swiftly on the wings of a virus called ROBBI (Rapid Onset Bacterial Bronchial Infection) that still has been swathing a path through dense populations for almost 24 months. Late 2008 marked the beginning of a recession that ravaged global markets and sent unemployment to the highest it has been since the 1930’s. Further, in order to stimulate the decline of industry, many restrictions on emissions and waste disposal were loosened with the hope of stimulating big business. Perhaps the most alarming events have occurred in the past year: many long dormant volcanoes exploded into fiery activity, multiple Category 4 and 5 hurricanes have ripped through coastlines across the world and many other uncharacteristic weather disasters ravaging all corners of the globe. Surprisingly, some say that the most far-reaching event of 2010 was the bankruptcy and subsequent fall of the megacorporation known as Pentex, Inc…



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