Trail of the Ancient Marks

Game 3 - Jessi's Absence Activity

Daylight seems unrelenting today. This morning, I watch Selena break down and fall apart as her family and life is torn asunder. No clue how she’ll deal with that over the next few days and weeks. Trauma.

Franklin’s got me running ragged. The pack is out pursuing out regular agenda. “Regular”. yeah. No clue what they’re into today. It’s like a small hole gnawing inside. How strange that even a day or two can bring me together with such disparate people. I don’t even know that I like em all, but fate seems to say they are pack. So they are. But today, I’m on my own.

The work goes quick, a few bribes here, a word of chaos there. We’re keeping the herd from looking too deeply into this whole affair, but it’s messy. On the bright side, I’ve been given a fair amount of leeway to work on this, and feedback so far is good.

Sleep comes fast when I manage to find my bed at the end of it. I can still smell the pack in my home. It’s disturbingly reassuring.

The next day Franklin sets me up to meet the pack. Apparently they have headed to India of all places. Never been out of the country, so I’m not sure how this works, but a private jet makes alot of things easier. It’s a nice jet. I look forward to reunion.



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