Trail of the Ancient Marks

Game 1 - Jesse's perspective

The evening started quick enough with plans for a moot. El Cabron, Nicolai, showed up early – which always puts me ill at ease. The damn fool is a fool and a harbinger of pain. Sure enough, within 10 minutes Selena and I are in trouble with El Mero Chignon as we get stuck in a bad situation standing too close to a damnable fera and Speaks with Strangers Rhya seems to have bad things just not stick to him.

So they saddle us with Beauragard. I’ve seen his type before, but he’s never the kinda of guy you want to have to rely on. We’ll see if he turns out better than he smells, but I doubt it. Asi es. The veteranos all talk for a bit and it’s decided that Serena, Beauragard and I will head out on an errand for Speaks with Strangers Rhya. I sense doom, but then, if I’m there it can’t be good – can it?

Apparently Speaks Rhya has gotten himself a little Bruja that he’s tamed and they’ve been playing house – but now the girl is missing. Bad news if it leads back to us. So we now have to go clean up after him by talking to the Bruja big dogs. Speaks Rhya gives us a place and we go.

Mousey little thing opens the door and she seems less than pleased or comfortable to have to deal with us. It’s a growing theme with these folks. They defer to a guy named Dr. Kimball, and we go out to the garden to talk with Kimball, Mousy librarian chica and another one who’s just smokin enough that she has to have killed somebody.

Turns out Elizabeth Johnston has been missing for 2 weeks. Kimball gives us a home address and then we get tagged with the two bruja chicas. Lydia and Serena. It’s quite obvious we freak them the hell out, more so after they know what we are. Rude, really. Fucking holier than thou bitches lookin at us like we’re dangerous trash. No trust there at all. Hopefully this gets better eventually, cause so far, Serena’s the only one of the 4 of em that will look at me normal.

Johnston’s house is a bit of a dead end. She hasn’t been here, there’s no sign of a struggle. We find some clues here and there, but little concrete. I did pick up some tools she had. Serena and I both go through and get her scent. Apparently, evidence that we can shift is frightening or disturbing to los Bruja’s. Chingao?! They do MAGIC and they are messed up with a little fur?

Next stop is a starbucks she shopped at. Pictures confirm that she was here with a tattooed guy. Tattoo is of a snake swallowing it’s tail. Witnesses were creeped out by him. We track this back to a small cult working in south Atlanta. Coming onto their location, we manage to neutralize the one at the door with Beauragard, and then move to the ritual rooms. Downstairs we find a “Sanctum”? Some Bruja thing. The ring leader has a metis strapped to a table, served up for a sacrifice as we barge in.



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